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An association that brings together specialists that are active in the field of pediatric continence disorders.

Welcome to the ICCS Website The fundamental goal of the ICCS is to improve the quality of life and the life expectancy for all growing individuals with deficient bladder function, expressed as problems of storage and evacuation of urine. ICCS intends to approach this goal by increasing knowledge in all aspects of this problem area.

President's Message

Dear ICCS member

It has been a while since our last communication and while we are still waiting for the summer to arrive here in Scandinavia, I would like to update you on the activities of our society.

Konstantinos Kamperis MD, PhD

President, International Children’s Continence Society
Associate Professor of pediatrics, Consultant in Pediatric Nephrology

Aarhus, Danmark


We invite you for our “ICCS Web Session”, on September 14.
We invite you for the workshop on voiding dysfunctions for pediatricians on October 13.
We invite you to join us for the ICCS course at Chandigarh (India).
The 2023 ICCS Congress will take place in Salvador (Brazil), on November 16-18.
This two day face to face course will start by covering normal childhood bladder and bowel anatomy and function along with an outline of Bladder Bowel dysfunction (BBD).
The IWK Division of Pediatric Urology, IWK Health, and the Dalhousie University Department of Urology are delighted to announce that we will be hosting the International Children's Continence Society (ICCS) Course in Halifax on June 16th and 17th, 2023.

Industry Cooperation Statement

The ICCS is an independent, nonprofit organisation aimed at the advancement of research and healthcare. The ICCS Board and associated experts get no payment for their work. The running costs of the ICCS are covered by membership fees and unconditional educational grants from the medical industry. The cooperation is regulated by contracts guaranteeing the independence and protection of both parts, and all matters of common interest are handled by liaison committees, with members from the ICCS and companies.

Latest News

Dr. Yves Homsy: a mentor

President’s letter

ICCS position document is a top downloaded article in Neurourology and Urodynamics

Urotherapy Book: a case-based approach is available on ICCS’s website

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