As a member of ICCS we can offer you:

  • Access to the ICCS web.
  • The regular ICCS newsletters.
  • Access to the regular ICCS literature update service.
  • Access to abstract-databases from previous meetings.
  • Announcements of future meetings and courses of the ICCS.
  • Special membership fee to meetings and courses.
  • Access to a list of members with e-mail addresses.
  • The possibility to read and influence standardisation documents under preparation.
  • Access, via the Secretary General, to experts in any aspect of the Pediatric urinary tract.
  • Useful material for healthcare professionals caring for children with bladder- or bowel problems, such as frequency/volume charts, bowel diaries, questionnaires etc.

How do I become a member?

The annual fee is € 60 for physicians and € 30 for other professionals and € 75 for Industry Representatives.

If you are having problems logging in please read:

If you are attempting to log on and cannot log on, in many instances it is due to your cache in your browser that may be entering old information.  Please empty your cache or consider logging in from a different computer.

If you forgot your logon name it was mailed to you in July of 2015.  Generally it is your first and last name with no spaces.

If you forgot your password it can be obtained by going to the right upper corner of the window and you can request a new password.  This new password will be sent to your email that you signed up with.

If you wish to renew your membership just log on with your old credentials and you will be prompted to renew your membership.

If the preceding instructions did not help resolve your problem with your membership application or access , please contact the the secretary general at