President’s Message

Tryggve Nevéus, MD
ICCS President

Dear ICCS member

Your Society is, just like everyone else, struggling with the challenges posed by the pandemic. Meetings need to be rescheduled or changed to online and time that was supposed to be spent on research and long-term planning needs to be used for more urgent matters. And all this in addition to all the personal suffering and losses we all face. But rest assured that your Society will get through this with its aims and activities restored and undamaged.



In order to maximize the chances to have the meeting on site in real life we have decided to move the 2021 annual ICCS Conference to November 11-13. We believe that there are valuable parts of scientific conferences – such as the networking and the interactive brainstorming – that cannot properly be experienced remotely, so we want to do everything we can to make it possible to meet in person for the 2021 ICCS conference. Please mark the new dates in your calendar! Our plan A is to have the conference on site with lectures and panels also given online for participants who cannot join us in Denmark. Our plan B is to hold the full conference online. Please note: we will not change the dates again!

Aarhus is a lovely city in Jutland, Denmark. It is well-connected with the rest of Europe (and the world) and has aptly been described as the world’s smallest big city. (it is also quite impossible to pronounce – something like “aw-houze”) It is also home to one of the best research teams in our field, led by people like Søren Rittig and Kostas Kamperis. The 2021 ICCS conference in Aarhus will properly start the ICCSs post-Covid renaissance. Mark the dates and, as soon as restrictions are lifted, book your tickets!


OTHER UPCOMING EVENTS – decisions made!

The 2022 ICCS conference will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, home of long-time Board member Stephen Yang and his team. I know from personal experience that he is an excellent conference organiser and that Taipei is a, vibrant, exotic, populous but safe and very friendly place to be (with also some really adventurous food ingredients, like sea cucumber). We promis that the conference will be a great success.

The 2023 ICCS conference will be held in Salvador, Brazil and will be led by Bira Barroso and his team. He also has a good track record as an excellent organiser of international meetings. Salvador is arguably the home of Brazilian cuisine, music and African-American-European culture and it is crammed with beautiful buildings and great restaurants. Make sure to get there!

The ICCS course in Tbilisi, Georgia, that was first planned for the spring 2020 and then scheduled for October 2020 has of course been postponed. We hope that it will take place in the upcoming summer, but of course even this is uncertain. It will be the first time that the ICCS is in the Caucasus and it will be just great.

Finally, our friends Dawn McLellan and Rodrigo Romao plan to give an ICCS course in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in the spring of 2023. This will be the first time we visit the Atlantic Canada and we are very excited about it.



An extra important way to spread the word in this time of cancelled courses and strangled international transport options is our e-learning course. It is readily available from the website and I promis that it won’t make you disappointed.



The standardisation document on urotherapy, made under the excellent leadership of Board member Anka Nieuwhof-Leppink is now published in the J Ped Urol. It is much needed and will surpass your expectations.

The ICCS guidelines on continence problems in children with neurodevelopmental issues, by Alexander von Gontard, Anne Wright and other well-known experts, will soon be published.


Please do not hesitate to pose questions and suggestions to us in the Board or to the ICCS Regional Representative from your part of the world. It is your activity that keeps us going.

You will hear from me again later in summer (northern hemisphere). Stay safe until then – wash your hands, stay in contact with your loved ones and listen to the experts, not the conspiratory theorists.

Best regards


Tryggve Nevéus MD PhD

President, International Children’s Continence Society

Associate Professor, Consultant in Pediatric Nephrology

Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden