President’s Message

Tryggve Nevéus, MD
ICCS President

Dear ICCS member

As I am writing these lines, a benign sun is shining from blue Swedish skies and I am preparing to spend the month of July in our summer cottage, enjoying books in the hammock, barbeques with rosé wine and running after our very active four year-old. But I will be able to check my e-mail at least once per week if you need me.


A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to join, together with Prof Piet Hoebeke of Ghent, Belgium, at Taipei, Taiwan, for a two-day joint course together with the APAPU (Asia Pacific Association of Pediatric Urology), arranged by our esteemed Board Member Prof Stephen Yang. The course was extremely successful – gathering experiences and insights from all over Eastern Asia. And the food was either delicious or …interesting (the sea cucumber and jellyfish were new and valuable experiences for my Western stomach).


And after the summer holidays I will take the boat across the Baltic and join the ICCS conference in Gdansk, Poland, on September 12-14. We have recently reviewed the abstracts and they were mostly very fine, and our friends Michal Maternik and Rafal Chrzan have finalized a programme that promises to be both interesting and comprehensive. They will, together with the ICCS Board, make sure that everyone will learn a lot while having fun and making new friends. And drinking good Polish beer, if that’s your inclination. The Kelm Hjälmås memorial lecture will be held by the well-known pediatric urologist and researcher Tom de Jong from Utrecht, the Netherlands. And, as I mentioned before, Gdansk is a lovely place; beautiful, historic and friendly. And September will be a perfect time to go there.


Please also note in your calendars that there will be an excellent ESPU-SPU meeting in Lisbon, Portugal in September 16-19 2020. The ICCS plans to have some kind of collaborative participation in that meeting as well. Collaboration is our default state of mind and usually we work very well with the ESPU.


And then, as you also know, in 2020 we will go to Dubai! Our very active Regional Representative for the Middle East, dr Mario Patricolo, has found good collaboration partners and is preparing an Arabian Nights experience for us all. Check the flyer in the events page and mark the dates: October 26-29, 2020.


The location for the 2021 conference will be decided at our Board meeting in conjunction with the Gdansk conference. Several exciting places are on the table. So next time you hear from me you will know were to go in 2021!


The project of updating and merging the current standardization documents on monosymptomatic [Nevéus et al 2010] and nonmonosymptomatic [Franco et al 2012] enuresis is moving forward. The work is led by myself and our scientific chairman Prof Søren Rittig together with a great global, multiprofessional team. We have now managed to provide all paying ICCS members with a complete draft document that can be found via the Members’ section of the website. You are invited to read and provide input on the document. Perhaps we have forgotten something or there is something that is unclear? Give your comments to me at before the end of July! We appreciate that the work we do on such guideline documents probably influences the care of children around the world more than all our international meetings put together (but the meetings are more fun).


Another important way to spread the word to those of you who cannot join our congresses and courses, is our e-learning course. It is readily available from the website and I promis that it won’t make you disappointed.


Please do not hesitate to pose questions and suggestions to us in the Board or to the ICCS Regional Representatives from your part of the world. It is your activity that keeps us going.


This is probably the last you will hear from me before the Gdansk conference.

Best regards


Tryggve Nevéus MD PhD

President, International Children’s Continence Society

Associate Professor, Consultant in Paediatric Nephrology

Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden