President’s Message

Tryggve Nevéus, MD
ICCS President

September 2021

Dear ICCS member 


I write this letter to you with some urgency, so let’s start with the most important bit: we have had to switch the ICCS conference in Aarhus to virtual. But your Society is not dead, just stunned. There will be a life after the pandemic and then we will be able to hold courses and conferences on site again (although probably with parts of them accessible online as well – why not make a virtue out of necessity?)



This was not an easy decision by the Board. We do believe in meetings in real life: the networking, brainstorming and exchange of ideas that happen within and outside the lecture halls during congresses and courses can never fully be ackomplished online. But still, we found that the pandemic uncertainties and the varying and constantly changing global travel restrictions made very few people able to commit to registering to the conference – we risked giving an almost exclusively Scandinavian event, and that is not proper for a global organisation such as your Society.

Thus, the Aarhus conference will take place online during two half-days 12-13 November. Myself and the local organisers Søren Rittig and Kostas Kamperis will be there in person to make sure that everything runs smoothly. The program will be more limited than otherwise planned but I promis that it will still be good. By registering for the conference you will be able to access excellent lectures and panels presenting new research and the state of knowledge in the field. And the fee will, of course be substantially reduced.


The 2022 ICCS conference

This longed-for event will be held i Taipei, Taiwan, November 25-27. Please mark the dates! Taipei is home of long-time Board member Stephen Yang and his team. He is an excellent conference organiser and Taipei is a vibrant, exotic, populous but safe and very friendly place to be. We promis that the conference will be a great success. And it will be sooooo great to see each others in the flesh again.


The 2023 ICCS Conference

The 2023 ICCS conference will be held in Salvador, Brazil, in November 15-17, and will be led by Bira Barroso and his team. He also has a good track record as an excellent organiser of international meetings. Salvador is the home of Brazilian cuisine, music and African-American-European culture and it is crammed with beautiful buildings and great restaurants. Make sure to get there!



The ICCS – represented by Erik van Laecke, Anka Nieuwhof-Leppink and Kostas Kamperis – will hold a session during the upcoming ESPU congress which will be given online September 25-26.

The recurring course on Urodynamics and urotherapy in Utrecht, the Netherlands, is up and running again. It will be given (IRL) March 25-26 next year. It has always been excellent, thanks to Board member Anka Nieuwhof-Leppink and her team. Please save the date and check this website: Urotherapy & Urodynamics Course – Het WKZ

The ICCS course in Tbilisi, Georgia, is still set to be given October 16-17, after two postponements. It will be the first time that the ICCS is in the Caucasus and it will be just great.

Together with Drs Dawn McLellan and Rodrigo Romao an ICCS course will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on June 16-17 in 2023. This will be the first time your Society is in Atlantic Canada and everyone tells me the place is a lovely place. Put a big fat cross in your calendar.


The DEPPU project

The ICCS, via Kostas Kamperis, Mario deGennaro and Anka Nieuwhof-Leppink, has participated in the completion of this educational initiative, supported by a grant from Ferring Pharmaceuticals. We are very pleased with the results, which we hope will reach many physicians and other healthcare professionals who stand in the frontline caring for children with lower urinary tract problems. Check it out on



An extra important way to spread the word in this time of cancelled courses and strangled international transport options is our e-learning course. It is readily available from the website and I promis that it won’t make you disappointed.


Standardisation documents

The latest ICCS standardisation document – Neurodevelopmental disorders and incontinence in children and adolescents: Attention-deficit-/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and Intellectual disability (ID) – a consensus document of the International Children’s Continence Society (ICCS) – has been accepted for publication in Neurourology and Urodynamics. It will be an excellent instrument in your toolbox.



There is still some person who has nothing better to do than sending strange e-mails to ICCS members in my name. These e-mails can quite easily be distinguished by the fact that they reveal no knowledge about either myself, yourself or your Society and that they discuss money transactions or other shady matters which I would never do. Please just ignore and destroy the messages. I’m afraid there is nothing I can do about it.



Please do not hesitate to pose questions and suggestions to us in the Board or to the ICCS Regional Representative from your part of the world. It is your activity that keeps us going.

You will hear from me again in two or three months. Stay safe until then – wash your hands, stay in contact with your loved ones and listen to the experts, not the conspiratory theorists.


Best regards


Tryggve Nevéus MD PhD

President, International Children’s Continence Society

Associate Professor, Consultant in Pediatric Nephrology

Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden