President’s Message

Tryggve Nevéus, MD
ICCS President

Dear ICCS member

These are still turbulent times, but your Society promises to stay stable like the Polar star, even though several meetings have been cancelled or postponed. As you can read below we are still active and will continue to promote science, healthcare, tolerance and the free diffusion of knowledge – all in the service of children with lower urinary tract problems.


As I have previously communicated to all ICCS members we have four upcoming Board vacancies to fill before the end of this year. Dr Kostas Kamperis has finished his first mandate period and drs Eliane Fonseca, Anne Wright and Ann Raes have finished their second mandate period. According to the wishes of the members the nomination and election process is managed electronically, since (unsurprisingly) there will be no physical General Assembly this year.

This means that all paying members will get the opportunity to vote whether to accept the Board’s own nominees for the upcoming vacancies (see below) or to choose somebody else. The vote will take place during one week (only) in early December. You will all get notified about the exact date and technicalities soon.

These are the Board’s nominations for the upcoming vacancies:

1) For Kostas Kamperis’ position, we nominate Kostas Kamperis for one more mandate period. He is a pediatric nephrologist working in Aarhus, Denmark (despite his Greek name), has already worked excellently within the Board for four years and has accepted to take over the Secretarial position within the Board should he be accepted for a second period.

2) For Eliane Fonseca’s position we nominate Ubirajara Barroso of Salvador, Brazil. He is an influential pediatric urologist who has an excellent track record within the ICCS and other relevant societies.

3) For Anne Wright’s position we nominate Yoshiyuki Ohtomo of Tokyo, Japan. He is a pediatric nephrologist who has also many times shown that he is an excellent resource when giving courses or coordinating research activities.

4) For Ann Raes’ position we nominate Erik van Laecke of Ghent, Belgium. He is an actively researching pediatric urologist and will be an excellent representative of the influential Ghent centre.

The CVs and vision statements of these four can be found on the members’ section of the website.

The members have been given the opportunity to nominate other persons, but none has chosen to do so before the deadline, which has now passed. This lack of alternative nominations can either be assumed to be because you are happy with our choices or that you don’t care (or have other things on your minds). Anyway, this means that the voting will not really be a vote between alternatives, but we still want to move forward with the planned process, taking the chance to give the members an opportunity to give their comments and input. You will thus have the chance to approve or disapprove to the Board’s chosen nominees and give your confidential comments to the Board. We promise to take your input into account during our continuing work.

There are also two crucial ex officio positions linked to the ICCS Board; that of scientific and educational chairperson. As our friend Mario de Gennaro is now stepping down from the latter position a new person had to be appointed. After much discussion we chose to ask Anne Wright to take on the position and we were happy that she accepted.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ann, Eliane and Mario, who will now leave the ICCS Board, for their hard work and friendly attitude. You have been great to work with and we will miss you! As soon as we can meet again IRL we will make sure that you are thanked more appropriately.


The 2021 ICCS conference will take place in Aarhus, Denmark on August 26-28. As you know, the Aarhus team is in the very top of pediatric urinary tract research and we have no doubts that our friends Kostas Kamperis and Søren Rittig will – together with the reast of the Board – make this event a great success. Aarhus is a lovely city (although impossible to properly pronounce unless you are a Dane) and the social program will be excellent. We will also ensure that the format of the conference will be adapted to the Covid-19 situation as matters then stand.

During the winter the new Board will make plans for the 2022 conference and make an announcement regarding this as soon as decisions have been taken.


The ICCS course in Tbilisi, Georgia, that was first planned for this spring and then scheduled for October 24-25 this fall will (unsurprisingly) have to be further postponed. It will now probably take place in late May or early June 2021, but of course even these dates are preliminary. It will be the first time that the ICCS is in the Caucasus and it will be just great.

Unsurprisingly, the ESPU-SPU meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, that was planned for September is postponed. The new date is 21-24 April 2021 at the same venue. Most likely, your Society will be very present and there will be ICCS workshops and other activities. Please join us if you can!


An extra important way to spread the word in this time of cancelled courses and strangled international transport options is our e-learning course. It is readily available from the website and I promis that it won’t make you disappointed.


As I have already told you, the new ICCS standardisation document on (monosymptomatic and nonmonosymptomatic) enuresis is now available. This is the reference: Nevéus T, Fonseca E, Franco I, Kawauchi A, Kovacevic L, Nieuwhof-Leppink AJ, Raes A, Tekgül S, Yang SS, Rittig S. Management and treatment of nocturnal enuresis – an updated standardization document from the International Children’s Continence Society. J Ped Urol. 2020;16:10-9. We hope and believe that it will be very useful.

The standardisation document on urotherapy, made under the excellent leadership of Board member Anka Nieuwhof-Leppink, has just been accepted for publication in the J Ped Urol. It is much needed and will fill your expectations.

The ICCS guidelines on continence problems in children with neurodevelopmental issues, by Alexander von Gontard, Anne Wright and other well-known experts, is now available on the ICCS website, but the deadline for comments to the authors has now passed. We eagerly await final editing and publication.


Please do not hesitate to pose questions and suggestions to us in the Board or to the ICCS Regional Representatives from your part of the world. It is your activity that keeps us going.

You will hear from me again later this winter. Stay safe until then – wash your hands, stay in contact with your loved ones and listen to the experts.

Best regards


Tryggve Nevéus MD PhD

President, International Children’s Continence Society

Associate Professor, Consultant in Pediatric Nephrology

Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden