President’s Message

Tryggve Nevéus, MD
ICCS President

Dear ICCS member

I am writing to you from a Sweden which has seen its hottest and driest summer since recording began. The drought has been severe and forest fires have raged, forcing our usually self-sufficient country to ask for firefighting help abroad. This has underscored both the reality of climate change and the need for international collaboration. We need to respect evidence and don’t lock ourselves in behind closed borders. I am becoming “political” now but anyway isn’t this what our Society is all about: science and international communication.

I still recommend that you travel to the various ICCS courses and conferences, but please consider paying the extra fee to climate-compensate your flights.

The central upcoming event is, of course, the ICCS conference in Rome, September 27-29. We have received a record number of abstracts, 119 of which have been accepted for oral or poster presentation. We will also have many top scientific panels and state of the art-lectures, including this year’s Kelm Hjälmås memorial lecture by our friend professor Jens Peter Nørgaard (many Scandinavian letters there). We are also happy about the collaboration from other prestigious organisations such as the ESPU (European Society for Pediatric Urology), the EUGA (European Urogynaecological Association) and our dear old mother society the ICS (International Continence Society). And while you are there, why not take part in one of three pre-congress workshops on urodynamics, bowel/bladder management or enuresis/nocturia on Wednesday afternoon 26/9. Needless to say, the cultural and culinary opportunities in the Eternal City are immeasurable.

And remember that next year we will meet in the beautiful historic city of Gdansk, Poland. Put a big, fat mark in your calendar for September 12-14!

As I have already mentioned, the ICCS recently made its first appearance in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this spring and it was a great success. We are grateful for the good work of Cristian Sager and his team. We wish to see more of him. One of the crucial outcomes of the meeting was that there are now Spanish translations/adaptations of the ICCS guidelines of enuresis management.

Your society has also made its first appearance in Lisbon, Portugal, in May, thanks to the hard work of Board member Eliane Fonseca and local organisers Drs Fatima Alves, Margarida Abranches and Aline Vaz da Silva. This was also very sucessful and I am sad that I couldn’t be there. I am told that the venue was beautiful and the attendees enthusiastic. This event has also resulted in translations of ICCS guideline documents: there are soon Portuguese versions of the MNE, NMNE and terminology documents available.

The translation of our standardisation documents into global languages will be our priority during the coming months. As soon as approved translations are ready we will make them available from the ICCS website.

Another way to reach out to the wider community, including those of you who cannot join our congresses and courses, is our e-learning course. It is readily available from the website and I promis that it won’t make you disappointed.

As we have already told you, there will be an ICCS General Assembly in conjunction with the Rome conference on september 28th. It is open to all paying members and is a way for you to hear what we plan to do and how we use the fees we receive from you, as well as a means for us to hear what you think about your Society. As I have told you earlier we will then put the proposed changes of the ICCS bylaws to a vote for your approval or rejection. These changes are aimed at making the election process to the Board more open and transparent.

The reason that the Board has now chosen to nominate myself, Israel franco, Anka Nieuwhof Leppink and Stephen Yang for a second (and final) term in the Board when our first terms expire this autumn is not that we want to “keep the power within the family” but that we think that the present Board functions well and we want to maintain the balance between professions, genders and parts of the globe. However, you are welcome to make other nominations, which (according to the present bylaws) need to be 1) supported by three paying members, 2) presented to the secretary minimum one month before the GA. So if you want to nominate anyone, be quick! And please tell us which vacated seat (of the four mentioned above) you want that person to compete for. We know that there are lots of people that would do a great job within the Board


Best regards


Tryggve Nevéus MD PhD

President, International Children’s Continence Society

Associate Professor, Consultant in Paediatric Nephrology

Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden