President’s Message

Tryggve Nevéus, MD
ICCS President

Dear ICCS member

I write these lines to you from a train running through the depressingly gray and wet Swedish November landscape. The intense summer heat of the central US (ICCS conference in St Louis June 21-24, great event) is still fresh in my mind and I would rather like to hibernate during the upcoming six months.

Your Society has been, and will be, active this (north hemisphere) autumn.

Large parts of the Board and other trusted ICCS speakers have in early September made sure that the collaboration with the European Society for Pediatric Nephrology (ESPN) in Glasgow, Scotland, occasioned by their 50th anniversary, was very successful. Apart from contributions to the conference proper (I was, for instance, asked to inform the audi­torium about how enuresis will be treated in 50 years from now… tricky), we gave a well-attended pre-conference ICCS workshop. The intention from both sides is that this collaboration should continue.

ICCS General Secretary Anne Wright has lectured intensely in Moscow, October 24th. This is the third time that your Society has been interacting with the Russians on their home soil. Although the language barrier and cultural differences are still issues Anne noted that things are changing for the better. Scientific advances are spreading and especially the younger professionals are increasingly referring to global ICCS guide­lines in their teaching and practice. We are intensely grateful to our Regional Representative Dr Natalia Guseva for giving us these oppor­tunities to teach and learn. And I understand that the Moscow space museum was very interesting.

Through the efforts of Board member Eliane Fonseca the ICCS is managing an interdisciplinary course on lower urinary tract disorders in childhood and adolescence in Rio de Janeiro in November 17th, starring Eliane herself and Treasurer Israel Franco. Thanks to Eliane and her colleagues Brazilians constitute one of the largest ICCS member groups, and lots of top research in the LUT field is done in that country. And the caipirinha is good.

As you may already know, several upcoming meetings are planned for 2018 and beyond:

The upcoming ICCS course in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is scheduled for April 25-27. Eliane Fonseca is collaborating with Dr Cristian Sager of Buenos Aires to ensure that this event – the first time the ICCS visits the land of beef and tango – will be successful. In conjunction with this meeting Spanish language and Latin America-adapted ICCS guidelines for treatment of nocturnal enuresis will be presented. Last time I was in BA was in 2000, on my way home from Easter Island, so I’m looking forward to give this amazing metropolis some more time.

In May next year there will most probably be an ICCS course in Lisbon, Portugal. Dr Fatima Alves of Dona Estefania Hospital is collaborating with the ICCS Board to make the first official ICCS activity in the land of fado and gorgeous seafood a great event.

As you certainly know, the 2018 ICCS conference will be held in Rome, Italy. September 27-29 are the dates to mark. Now you have one more reason to visit the Eternal City (as if you needed one). Educational Chairman Mario De Gennaro will be our host and Pope Francis will bless the event (I presume). We are happy to collaborate with the European Society for Pediatric Urology during this event. We are also happy to announce that our friend and scientific father-figure professor Jens Peter Nørgaard of Aarhus fame has accepted to act as the Kelm Hjälmås memorial speaker.

The 2019 annual ICCS conference will be held in Gdansk, Poland, and our local organisers will be the experienced ICCS Regional Represen­tative for Central Europe Michal Maternik and Professor Rafal Chrzan. Last time the ICCS was in this magnificent city in 2010 I actually got the opportunity to play with former Polish President and freedom fighter Lech Walesa’s mongrel dog (true, I promis!). Regardless of this, it was an excellent meeting, and I am sure that in 2019 this will also be the case.

Other meetings are also in the pipeline, but they are, as yet, secret. My lips are sealed.

Through the efforts of our Chairman of the Standardisation Committee, Dr Stephen Yang, your Society keeps producing immensely useful guideline documents that has, and will, influence the standard of care globally. The document on occult spinal dysraphism has recently been accepted for publication by Neurourology & Urodynamics, as has the document on BBD and UTI by Pediatric Nephrology. I suggest you get these documents. In the pipeline are documents on outcome measure­ments, urotherapy and CIC.

Finally, a few words about the e-learning course. As you know, the availability was switched off when the contract with the company who helped us develop the course expired. Thanks to collaboration with the Continence Foundation of Australia (who are very great friends of the ICCS indeed) the course will very soon – probably december – be up and running again. We will then as a start-up bonus provide free courses to ten new applicants – we will get back to you about how to apply for these soon

Next time you hear from me will be in January or February next year. Until then, please enjoy your well-deserved holidays and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions

Best regards Tr

Best regards


Tryggve Nevéus MD PhD

President, International Children’s Continence Society

Associate Professor, Consultant in Paediatric Nephrology

Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden